My husband’s sleep schedule is awful – he says he’ll get fired if he changes it’


A woman left exhausted by her husband’s infuriating attempt to ensure he wakes up on time has begged for advice online, with many disgusted by his ‘exhausting’ system

Nothing is guaranteed to ruin the next day more than a bad night’s sleep.

Lying there, as morning light starts to flood in and you can count down the seconds until your alarm goes off – it really is rubbish.

A constant lack of sleep only brings out the worst in you. Exhausted, on your fourth coffee of the day, struggling to get anything done.

One woman is finding her sleep schedule has been ruined, thanks to her husband’s efforts to ensure he doesn’t sleep through his alarm.

His system to make sure he never oversleeps has been slammed online, with many left outraged on behalf of his wife, who asked for advice online.

She explained: “He will set 5min intervals for 1 whole hour. If he is trying to get up at 7:30 am, his alarm will start at 6:30am and go off every 5mins.

“And he takes a while to snooze. It’s miserable for me. I go to work at 5am on some days, and on other days I am able to shift my schedule to 7:30am.

“So on those days, I look forward to being able to sleep in just a little longer.

“Obviously, I can’t do that if an obnoxious alarm is going off every 5 mins. It’s so loud that on days I want to sleep in because I don’t have work, his alarm will wake our baby in the other room which means I have to get up at 7am on my rare days off.

“Today, I decided I wasn’t going to take it any longer. It was my day to sleep in until 7:30am, but the alarms started at 6:30.

“Again at 6:35. Another at 6:40. At 6:45, I turned on the lights and yelled at him to get up and leave. He was startled, asking why? It’s still early.

“I said if you’re gonna set alarms that early, you’re going to get up and leave early. I told him it’s ridiculous that everyone around him needs to suffer because he can’t get himself on a better sleep schedule.

“He started saying “well I guess I’ll just not set my alarms and keep getting late and then I’ll get fired”. He stormed off and went to work and now is really upset that he’s at work an hour earlier than he should be here.”

Lots of people agreed that her husband needed to find a new way to ensure he wakes up on time.

One commented: “Snoozing through alarms for an hour doesn’t help you wake up. It basically trains you to turn off the alarm while you’re sleeping.

“Set one alarm and put your phone across the room and you will wake up. That is extremely selfish and obnoxious of him.”

“This is such an irritating habit. You are right to stop it. He needs to resolve this issue,” added another.