Man left feeling ‘screwed over’ by elderly man’s sudden death on a plane


It’s never pleasant when you’re onboard a flight and something happens that you weren’t expecting, maybe a passenger falls ill, or worse, dies.

That’s what happened to Reddit user OokySpookyGhosty, who admits to being angry at an elderly man’s death on his flight, and labelled it as ‘inconvenient.’

He told his story on the popular Reddit thread AITA (which stands for am I the a** hole?) to get some opinions on whether his reaction was necessary, or just plain harsh.

The man said: “So, yesterday, I was on an hour-long flight, as the final part of a day-long journey. And on this flight, a person died. I won’t say I “discovered” him, but I was the one to figure out that he’d passed on.

“About twenty minutes into the flight, I noticed a hunched-over old guy (eighties, maybe) heading to the bathroom; his hand opposite to me wasn’t fully visible, but I think he was holding his hand against his chest or something.

“Definitely something to notice, but it was a half-distracted glance before resuming what I was doing.”

While on the flight, the man decided he needed to use the toilet, which was occupied by the elderly man at the time.

He continued: “After something like ten minutes elapsed, I started to get a bad feeling. I quietly got the attention of a flight attendant and explained seeing an elder gentleman who seemed to be holding his heart had gone into the bathroom ten minutes ago and hadn’t come out.

“I didn’t see all of what happened, as the second flight attendant was (perhaps deliberately) blocking the view to the bathroom, but there was a page for medical personnel and the bathroom remained out of order for the rest of the flight.

“And the guy never resumed his seat, made all the more obvious by the fact this was a fully-filled flight with a now-empty aisle seat.”

This is where things get a little odd though, as out of all the emotions, the man admitted to feeling angry about the man’s death more than anything else.

He said: “I admittedly became angry at his death. It’s so utterly stupid, but I kind of felt like he screwed all of us.

“Had he told a flight attendant as soon as he felt unwell, we could have turned around and maybe had a thirty minute delay and given him the medical attention needed.

“Instead, there was this eerie realization that someone had died filling the plane. All of us on this flight had to deal with his death. Just because he couldn’t be bothered to take care of his health issues.”

In the post, the man said he believed his feelings could be because he lived in an area where people used public transport to ‘off themselves’.

He concluded: “Maybe it’s my thing against preventable inconvenient deaths developed by this trend. I don’t know.

“I don’t know if I’m the a**hole here, and it’s eating me up because I don’t even want to talk about this until I figure out how people will read my reaction.”

So, what did the internet think about this? Well, their opinions were definitely strong to say the least.

The verdicts are in, and it would seem that the majority of the internet think this man is in the wrong, with a few that are unsure.

One user responded: “How inconsiderate of him! Going and dying in an aircraft toilet just to ruin your flight.

“The old guy probably did it on purpose just to slight you.

YTA. Oh man YTA.”

Another said: “ YTA. I’m oh so very sorry that you were inconvenienced by the passing of this man, and your grasp of death is so pathetically flimsy.

“For the love of god, don’t shame dead people for dying? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Get therapy. Read a book on dying.”

Some users had different opinions though, with one insisting that anger is a normal response to trauma.

The user responded: “Anger is not an unusual way to react to trauma like death. You want there to be a way it could have been avoided because you were just confronted with mortality and need a sense of control. But ultimately, the man who died is not at fault. It was just his time.”

The internet has spoken, but what do you think? Was this a response to trauma or was this man in the wrong?